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Josef's Jungle

Bungalow #6

We consider this our "couples retreat" or "honeymoon suite" for it is romantically outfitted for two, to include a double shower and sinks. There is a short walk to this bungalow but we truly feel its worth it.  Josef's Jungle enjoys a view of the Salinas Valley and the surrounding mountain ranges. This bungalow is very special to Charlie and all who had the rare and special privilege of knowing our beloved Josef so it was always the plan for it to be a bit more special than the rest and we think it is truly just that.

"Josef's Jungle" has a very personal meaning to Vision Quest owner, Charlie Sammut, making this bungalow by far his favorite. Scroll down on our about page to read more about who "Josef" is. Located further back and away from the rest, it is our most private and secluded bungalow. It has a king size bed  that can accommodate two adult people only.

Josef's Jungle has its own privacy deck with a outdoor sitting tub. This tub is meant for cooling off in the hot summer months for hot water is minimal. County water and hot water tank restrictions disable our ability to make it useable as a hot tub in the winter.

Enjoy these views from your deck!

Josef's Jungle is our only bungalow that is not available to persons under 18 Years of age.
There is a $60 per person additional fee for the third and fourth persons (any age) staying in any bungalow. There is absolutely no more than four people allowed in any one bungalow.
Please be sure to read our FAQs and Policies before booking so that you are aware of our unique property and rules.


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