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Although we could fill several web pages with the photos and biographies of the valuable staff, volunteers, handlers and trainers at Monterey Zoo and VQR, there are a few who are considered key personnel who helped build our visions and help maintain it today...


PICT1145 sml02

Charile Sammut, Founder/President with special friends: (left to right)Paula Kristi, Butch & Buffy. Click here for more info and bio on Charlie.


Lisa Sammut-     Head-Charlie Wrangler!!! What more can we say, it's one of the toughest jobs on the ranch and NO-ONE does it better!!!!


Lisa Sammut and her BFB (Best Friend Badger),  "Taz"

Christy Ingram -     Head Trainer and Compound Manager - As of 1999,  20+ years in the business, 20+ with Charlie.

Our  highest seniority: Christy & "Josef"

"Al"  yup, just good-ole Al. And in our opinion, there isn't a ranch on the planet that could survive without their own Al! There's nothing he can't or wont do for the animals and we couldn't imagine being is business without him. Al's been with us now for over 15 years.

Maintenance and Housekeeping


Maria and Maria - AKA "Maria y Maria" , both extremely KEY INGREDIENTS which without, our machine could not run! We simply can not say enough about how much our Maria(s) do for us and the animals.


Kristin Burroughspossing with our very special warthog, "Harley "D" Hog.

Lanuer Fairchild

Lanier Fairchild, seen here with our Patagonian cavy, "Bert".  Lanier heads our volunteer dept. also.

Angie Krall

The head or our Ed. Dept., Angie Krall, a position that requires far more than most could ever imagine...

Lucy Leeper

Lucy Leeper- holding Chloe, our two-toed sloth.   



Madison Quiram- holding Tug, our American Badger.   

Jenna & Doc

Jena Mosqueda:  Jenna, seen here with our Doc, our binterong, displays a dedication that goes over and beyond, right down to her Josef tatoo.


Megan Smith- holding Penny, our Squirrel Monkey.   

104_4343 sml


PICT2294 c finished cropped sml

Lauren Serrano (aka "Squeek") is a past full timer and current volunteer member of our team. Both she and her husband Andy are still very much a part of our success and we look forward to their visits.

PICT2178 sml

Andy Serrano - volunteer    Andy is the  the husband of "Squeek",another valued member of our volunteer staff.  (And no, he really doesn't pose like this for all photos, he was actually asked to strike this pose on a photo shoot one day but it does describe his fun personality and willingness to do just about anything for the sake of Wild Things!!!)

PICT1206 sml

"Charlotte Muia"  is one of our most valued volunteers and donors. Charlotte maintains a weekly schedule to help us care for our animals that is as valuable to us as any of our full timers. Charlotte's husband, Carl, has also donated his time and expertise to make the home for our animals all that it can be.

PICT1205 sml

Charlotte with her buddy, "KB"


Ferret with our HUGE raccoon, Ramsey

Angela (the "ferret") Dacus: is yet another volunteer at VQR who has dedicated enough time and energy to grace the pages of our website. The meaning of  her nick-name is being withheld to protect the not so innocent...

PICT1208 sml

Marca Stickles: Marca, seen here with her ele-friends, Paula and Kristi, is our go-to gal in a pinch. She's a dedicated volunteer that we can always count on for those last minute shows and away work. A true asset to our system...

Vickey Overstreet: Volunteer (and then some) !!! We have to credit Vickey for making not only a substantial physical commitment to Monterey Zoo but a substantial  financial one as well. Several animals have much more special lives thanks to Vickey and her gracious donations .

PICT1215 sml

Vickey with Babs.

DSCN1109 sml b

Deb Michelotte: Another very special volunteer who has been with us for 7 years and never had a fight with Charlie. THAT'S A  RECORD!!! .

Kelly Andersen Kelly worked here full time before her life's circumstances moved her out of state. She still drops in from time to time to help pwhen needed. Seen here with Cosmo, she and Cosmo made their commercial debut in a BYU commercial that can be seen our Big Cat Page.

Deb with Maizy

Allison 1 sml

Alison Rouhas is another previous employee who helps out still now and then and took on a very special project in Jonah, our serval seen here. She's doing a great job pulling him out of his unsocial cave.


Jammie Watts is our very own bird woman of Alcatraz as she cares for our many parrots at the facility as well as the many she lives with on the ranch.

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