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This page is dedicated to those we meet along the way. Special people and organizations who have proven to us that their efforts are sincere and benefit animals - both in captivity and in the wild... We invite you to visit their sites and encourage you to solicit information about their causes or products. To the best of our knowledge and based upon our experience with them, these people and organizations are real and honest as are their intentions.

We thank them for all they've done and continue to do for us, and for the animals whose lives they touch.

Leopards Etc... - Rob and Barbara Dicely

These two people have become very special in our lives, as have their family of cats. They and their educational program represent everything and anything that education should be. What more can we say... We wish them all the luck in the world for most animals will benefit from their success.

WCN Logo03

       Wildlife Conservation Network is dedicated to the support of conservation entrepreneurs who are working actively with local communities to protect endangered flagship species and preserve their natural habitats.
       We focus on innovative, independent conservationists who are exploring new ways to resolve the conflicts between people and wildlife, and actively engage local people as effective stewards of their environment. WCN provides conservation entrepreneurs with the financial, technical and administrative support that makes their work more efficient, effective and successful.


Feline Conservation Federation (FCF) is a not-for-profit, non governmental organization that consists of wild feline managers, educators, conservationists, researchers, and all those who support the mission of feline conservation.


CAT ACTION TREASURY (C.A.T.) is an organization that raises funds for high priority cat projects identified by the World Conservation Union's Cat Specialist Groups. These people go places and approach projects that most never even knew existed. 

CCF Logo02

Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) is an organization that many of us are working to support these days. These cats are very special for many reasons. Their web-site will spell it out for you.This organization is very deserving of your time, money and efforts! (One of our favorites)


 Elephants of Africa Rescue Society

MISSION STATEMENT: Elephants of Africa Rescue Society is dedicated to supporting projects aimed at securing a safe habitat for wild, African animals and dedicated to providing a sanctuary for their captive cousins with a special focus on elephants. We believe that by educating the public about the problems facing both captive and wild animals we can increase awareness and support. Visit our page on this site to become more aware of Wild Things' involvement with E.A.R.S. - This one means a lot to us !!!

Few people do more for an individual species than Rodney Jackson and Darla Hillard. These people have dedicated their entire existances to saving these magestic creatures and their efforts deserve everyone's support.

Dad's Logo

On many occasions, we've needed accommodations for volunteers and visitors who traveled to assist us with fundraisers or special projects. Owners of the Laurel Inn in Salinas, one being Tony Sammut Development, have always been there to donate those accommodations without question. What can we say? Asking that you patronize these establishments when traveling in the area is the least we can do...

Laurel LOGO

Picture Picture

As seen at the bottom of all our web pages, , a program by Freerun Technologies Inc., is dedicated to the promotion of tourism in Monterey County. They contacted Wild Things to assist us in channeling some of those tourists to our facility during their visit to the area. We thank them for doing that.


Stayat Here's a site for all our friends and visitors visiting our area... This site offers places to stay, things to do, etc... Check it out.

Small Wild Cat Conservation Federation

Is an organization founded by our dear friend, James Sanderson and deserving of all the support we can send his way for the small cats of the world truly need his help. Click on the link to the left to learn much more....

Other links to worth while projects and institutions that  are doing good things for the ones we love the most, our animals...


The Professional Animal Retirement Center (PARC) Owned and operated by our friends Brad and Karen Bonar. A non-profit facility offering permanent homes to retired performing animals as well as providing education.

Pro-Team Corvette logo

You don't have to be an animal organization to benefit animals... Pro-Team is a company that donates items to benefit our EARS & GEARS Car show/fundraiser to benefit the elephants so we want any of Charlie's Corvette friends to recognize those efforts and hopefully patronize their company.

hidden california logo

These kind folks help people find odd places to experience and enjoy that are off the beaten path. In our case, they contacted us to help us channel people to our Safari B&B which in turn helps the animals. Check out their site for more information on fun alternative places to visit in California.

Tecworx Logo02

When we need ANY computer work done, our computer GURU is Mark at TecWorx!!! We would recommend them to anyone!

Dragon Slayers web logo

Dragon Slayers is a program worthy of anyone's admiration and support! It is an innovative animal therapy program for physically challenged children and adults.

Founded by Josef Rivers, mentor, dear friend and hero to Wild Thing's owner Charlie Sammut, Dragon Slayers uses animals to help people slay their dragons - their physical challenges. And yes, if your wondering and the spelling looks familiar, Charlie's lion "Josef" is in fact named after this incredible man. Josef accomplishes his incredible work from a wheel chair for he has polio. We wish him our best and will do anything we can to help and further his efforts.

Josef Rivers

Wild Things is a proud member of


paw print grey

International Animal Welfare Association

An international nonprofit organization of animal owners, trainers, handlers, educators and enthusiasts dedicated to protecting the rights of legal, responsible and humane animal professions. Please visit the IAWA web site to learn how you can help protect the future of our animals.

hyatt logo 02

Hyatt Regency Monterey along with its all new and exciting ACCISTA SPA is a new relationship we are extremely excited about here on the Vision Quest Ranch. They are our catering partner for your event here at the facility. Learn more about them and our event site by clicking here.

Illusions of Grandeur logo button

Yet another new relationship for us that we are extremely excited about... The folks are all about bringing magic to our facility. To learn more, clicking here.

Jacob in portapotty sml02
PICT1693 sml
STAR%20SANITATION%20Logo%205-2004 sml

Click here to see more photos of what Star has done for us...

We can't say enough nice things about our friends at Star Sanitation. They just do too much for our animals, our kids camps, and much much more. But we can ask that you use them when you need portable restrooms for your event, here or at another location. We know enough about their product to GUARANTEE you will not be disappointed! call 831/750-4585 or email

Sinead w eles
Sinpix logo

Friends of friends are often a gift we truly benefit from here at Wild Things and the talents of Sinead are a result of just that. She has become a very close and personal friend to our animals and our staff. Visit her web site to learn how you can help our animals by enjoying her beautiful photography. It truly is some of the best we've ever seen in an extremely unique and classy format.


There have been several occasions that we've called upon our friends and donors at Black Bear Diner to donate meals and auction items for our efforts at Vision Quest Ranch and they've always been there to lend a helping "Paw"... Visit their website and you'll see the Wild Things' very own little bear Brandi is a proud mascot of Black Bear Diner. Give them a visit and let them know how much you appreciate all they do for Wild Things and the community.

heros dreams 2

Please, take a moment to click on these links and support Our Hero's Dreams. The animals of Wild Things do!.

heros dreams
Homes for our Troops

Yet another organization we hope you'll support in conjunction with Our Heros' Dreams, Homes for our Troops is a tremendous program very worthy of your support.

If you're a Vision Quest Ranch fan then you'll love site because it's dedicated to fun and unique alternatives to overnighting in many locations. PLEASE, let us know if you found us or decided to visit because of We can't thank them enough for helping us.

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Welcome banner final

Both friends and family, Terry and Paula have always been there when our animals needed them with product and services we would recommend to anyone. Check them out please and let them know we sent ya... logo

Do you enjoy staying in B&B's? Our friends at Bed and Breakfast Assoc. can make your experiences even better by helping you choose the best of the best that they've inspected personally.

B&Bs, vacation rentals, and extended stay,

Metro Boston lodging for nightly and monthly visitors inspected by Bed and Breakfast Associates Bay Colony . 617.720.0522


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