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All suites are furnished with Televisions and DVD players to enable our guests to choose from a collection of educational animal DVDs available in our library. Although we do not have telephones in the suites, we are within cell range for those who can not feel comfortable out of reach... (Like Charlie) Those who can will not have to listen to a phone ringing in the suite next door. All bathrooms have stand up or ADA showers, refrigerators and coffee makers, bath robes, hair dryers and more...

Bungalow #1

Pachyderm Palace sml

The Pachyderm Palace has a queen size bed and a full size futon sleeper. This unit is part of our new addition and is completely ADA compliant... Decorated in an elephant decor, this unit is set back with a view of the Salinas Valley and surrounding mountain ranges. 

Pachyderm Palace 2 sml
Pachyderm Palace 3 sml

Bungalow #2

Monkey Manor 1 sml
Monkey Manor 2 sml02
Monkey Manor sml

"Monkey Manor" has two extra-long full size beds and is adorned in monkey apparel. It also enjoys a view of the Salinas Valley and surrounding mountain ranges. This bungalow sits a bit closer to the animal compound so the roaring can be heard a bit better from this one. Monkey Manor sleeps 2-4 people.

Bungalow #3


The "BIG" Cat House  has a king size bed with a touch  of spots and stripes to it's decor. This bungalow overlooks the elephant playpen and is by far the closest to the animal compound offering those interested the greatest roaring experience on the ranch. It sleeps two people , a favorite of many.


Bungalow #4

Picture Picture

Bungalow #5

Giraffe Manor is a pine  decor with a queen bed and a futon set that opens into a comfortable full size bed. This suite is completely wheel chair accessible. Due to the "nature" of the animals visiting the bungalows each morning and evening, service dogs are not allowed in the bungalow area (it simply isn't safe for them or our animals) but complimentary boarding is available to those special animals at our dog boarding facility while their caregivers are at their bungalows.


Zebra Zone has a king size bed and overlooks the elephant playpen. It sleeps two people and is of course decorated in zebra decor. It is close to our special event site for those attending an event at Vision Quest that evening.


Bungalow #6

DSCN2853 sml

"Josef's Jungle" has a very personal meaning to Vision Quest owner, Charlie Sammut, making this bungalow by far his favorite. Who is "Josef"? Click here and it will make sense. Located further back and away from the rest, it is our most private and secluded bungalow. It has a king size bed and sleeps two people.

We consider this our "couples retreat" or "honeymoon suite" for it is romantically outfitted for two, to include a double shower and sinks. There is a short walk to this bungalow but we truly feel it's worth it. Josef's Jungle enjoys a view of the Salinas Valley and the surrounding mountain ranges. This bungalow is very special to Charlie and all who had the rare and special privilege of knowing our beloved Josef so it was always the plan for it to be a bit more special than the rest and we think it is truly just that.

Josefs Jungle 1 sml
Josefs Jungle 2 sml
Josefs Jungle 4 sml02
Josefs Jungle 5 sml Josefs Jungle 3 sml
DSCN2854 sml

Josef's Jungle has it's own privacy deck with a outdoor sitting tub .

 This tub is meant for cooling off in the hot summer months for hot water is minimal. County water and hot water tank restrictions disable our ability to make it useable as a hot tub in the winter...

* Josef's Jungle is our only bungalow that is not available to childeren under 18 Years of age.

Bungalow #7

Bears Den sml
Bears Den 4 sml
Bears Den 2 sml Bears Den 3 sml

The Bear's Den really is a perfect place to hibernate. This unit has two extra long full size beds and can accommodate  up to four people. It's view from the deck is of the Salinas Valley and surrounding mountain ranges. It's a very fun bear design for the cubs in your family. It is close to our special event site for those attending an event at Vision Quest that evening.

Bungalow #8

Leopards Lair 1 sml

Our "Leopard's Lair" has a king size bed and accommodates two people. This bungalow has a view overlooking the elephant playyard . It is also closest to our special event site for those attending an event at Vision Quest that evening.

Leopards Lair 2 sml

Answers to FAQ:

- Check in time is 3PM. Check out time is 12:30pm. Early check in is possible if your bungalow was vacant the previous evening but it is never guaranteed.

- A continental picnic style breakfast is delivered between 9am-10:00am daily. Breakfast time is dictated by the needs of our elephants. They are all bathed every mornin by staff prior to breakfast. Arrangements can be made for breakfast to be served earlier without the elephant.

- The 1pm tour is a complimentary part of your stay with us however the elephant meet and greet afterwards is an additional charge. We also invite all to consider enhancing their visit with one of our "full contact private tours".

- Weather permitting, animals are walked by the bungalows starting at 3:30 pm.

- This is an absolute Nonsmoking property!!! No Exceptions! Smokers are asked to smoke in their vehicles outside the ranch gates. We apologize for our bluntness but unlike a normal dwelling, smoke can not be washed out of our South African Bungalow's canvas, making smoke permeation permanent! Our landscape is rolling plains of dry grass ~ just like Africa. One cigarette butt could destroy a dream as well as threaten the lives of our animals. We hope you understand and agree with our logic.

- The bug netting over our beds is just a fun decoration, not a necessity. Worry not, we have never had a bug problem.

- Yes, the bungalows are very heated and comfortable all year round. No, they are not air-conditioned, very few parts of Monterey County ever see a need for air-conditioning and are if anything, cooler in nature due to our proximity to the ocean.

~ You may come and go as you please from the ranch, you'll be given codes to the security gate and a key to your bungalow.

~ Visitors not checked in on your registration are not allowed to enter and/or occupy the B&B property for insurance and liability reasons. They are welcome to meet our guests at the main lobby/building area to join the tour or join up with them.

- No, we do not have a restaurant on the property but one of our favorites is a stones throw from our entrance and we encourage all to visit the several world renown restaurants in immediate surrounding towns. You'll get a map to our favorites at check-in.

~ No, the animals are not running free unless under the direct supervision of their trainer.

- Dogs heard barking from another part of the property are boarding at our pet boarding facility. This is a necessary aspect of the ranch for it helps support the animals when winter months see less B&B occupancy, however; they are brought indoors in the early evenings to minimize such sounds in the evenings. Although pets are not allowed in the B&B area, those traveling with pets are welcome to take advantage of our pet boarding while enjoying our experience.

~ Although we only recently decided to begin sharing our experience with kids, we do so on a trial basis hoping parents will help us maintain the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere our guests have grown to know and appreciate. We do not consider Vision Quest Ranch a camp ground and it is not ideal for the energy level of some kids. We leave it to the parents to determine if their kids will enjoy our facility while honoring the rules we've created. Kids are asked to remain on their bungalow decks at all times unless under the "immediate" (arms length) supervision of an adult. We ask that all noise be limited so that it can not be heard from a neighboring bungalow.

~ NO, bungalows are not interchangeable upon your arrival. Be sure to book the bungalow that best suits your needs when guaranteeing your reservation.

~ Yes, we are very easy to locate either by using our map on this website or by using a GPS coordinate of 400 River Road Salinas,CA 93908 

~ In case of emergencies, radio call boxes are located in all bungalows, at the security gate and the lobby entrance. Guests are also given emergency phone numbers they can call from their cell phones which do work fine at each bungalow. 

~ Ice is available at our check in lobby and should be asked for prior to going to the bungalow.

~ Forget something? There is a small country style store located just down the street that actually stocks some very nice local wines...

~ Are we missing something you feel might be of value to others? Please, e-mail us and let us know. We'll be sure to consider adding it to our FAQ.

Special Thanks to those wonderful guests who send us animal nick-nack gifts to further adorn our bungalows. It is such a treat to receive such gifts and share them with future visitors. Thank-you so much.

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